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General informations
Borsa Toscana is a sort of virtual window come out of the initiative of the Chambers of Commerce of Firenze, Prato and Pistoia, even with the Chambers of Commerce of Grosseto and Arezzo. Borsa Toscana offers to users an operating system which is able to meet the requirements of people who are looking for a house, to lease or to purchase, with the assistance of reliable and professional estate agents.
Borsa Toscana can be the right solution to find a house. It’s a very simple operation: it’s sufficient to consult on the web the list of real estate offers and if you find an interesting one it’s possible to make direct contact with the responsible agency, even with multimedia and multi-channel tools and e-mail.
If the direct contact doesn’t work it’s possible to send a web request that will be examined by the operators of Borsa Toscana.
The web portal has a modern and intuitive lay out and allows even the less expert user to enter a lot of services for all the phases of the purchase: on the website you can find a section about Real estate laws, regularly updated, and a section with the list of real estate agencies registered and the agreement forms.
Two important applications are Fast Meeting, a video conference service for real estate intermediation, and Concilia On line, a simple and economic proceeding managed by the Chamber of Commerce of Florence to propose a mediation request in case of dispute.
The portal can be consulted even in English, French, German and Spanish version and there is a very rich section of links to the most important Consumers Associations.

Research of real estate step by step

Through the consultation of our offers it’s possible to search for free and quickly the real estate you’re looking for: inserting some bench marks you can get in real time the description of the real estate you are interested in even with photos, planimetries and cartographies.

Registered Agencies

Borsa Toscana works with registered and reliable real estate agencies that assure fair trade practices and professional competence because their behaviour is supervised by a Committee composed even by two representatives of Consumers Associations.
The portal offers to registered agencies a very rich managerial area with many tools to change and update in real time offers and information about the real estate. There is a specific tool for the operators to manage appointments with consumers who are interested in visiting a real estate and another to take notes about events.
Borsa Toscana offers to the most technologically advanced agencies the possibility to manage the negotiations and the purchasing or leasing request and even the management of personal data concerning the contracting parties, in order to have an automatic filling of agreement forms.
Borsa Toscana offers to agencies web domains in order to manage information and even the possibility to have graphics like the one of Borsa Toscana.
The real estate operators registered with Borsa Toscana generally use predisposed and approved forms for intermediation activities, unless different agreement with the consumer.
In case of dispute it’s possible to use the mediation service of the chamber of Commerce (even on line version), to solve in a pacific way any problem.
Concilia on line gives the possibility to manage on line the mediation request, in a safe web area: each phase of the proceeding takes place in a web audio-video conference system, with a chat room too.
The real estate operator who wants to join Borsa Toscana must respect totally the Ethical Code and The Rules of Borsa Toscana.

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